Number of comments for tweet with GET statuses/lookup




isit possible to know the number of comments that a tweet has?, include the answers to other tweets that belong to the main tweet ?, I’m using gnip to know it, but it only returns the replies and in the last 28 hours.



Just a clarifier: When you say comments, do you mean Quote Tweet? I’m going to assume so in this response.

Depending on the API that you are using, there is quote_count JSON object that you can use to identify the number of times that users ‘leave a comment’.


Hi, thank for write.

For example, this tweet have 42 comments, including the tweets are not answered to the parent tweet.

I’m used this call statuses/lookup.json?id={list_tweets}&include_entities=true&extended_entities=true&tweet_mode=extended, but extended_entities is nothing.



Unfortunately the quote_count object is not available with that endpoint. I recommend that you use the Premium Search API to pull the data that you are looking for.