Number of collections limit?



I have an app that creates a dialy collection of tweets, it was working well until it reached some limit I was unaware of…
How many collections can an account have?

And as a suggestion… Can this limit be increased? I think that limit was put without thinking that somebody could do something like my app, and it’s a shame.

Thank you.

PS: I’m already coding a script that deletes the oldest collections before creating new ones, but I hope I hadn’t to.

[POST collections/create] Creation Limit

Out of interest, how many collections do you have?


I’ve finally managed to count them with the script I’m coding for deleting the eldest ones and it seems that they are exactly 100. I don’t think that’s so “abusive”*…

This answers my main question in the thread… so remains the suggestion.
(If anybody knows where to send this kind of suggestions in addition to this forum, that would be great. Thank you)

PS: I’m receiving a “next_cursor” parameter althought there is no more collections to list. (this contradicts the API documentation, so I think that it might be a bug)

*EDIT: I want to clarify this.
I don’t think 100 collections is abusive(althought perhaps “illogical” if you can’t imagine an app like mine) because:
They don’t give any notifications, so no spam can be actually done.
They are associated with the username(username/timelines/IDofcollection), so I can’t see, from my point of view, a “scalability” problem there. (perhaps I’m mistaken)


Interesting. 100 Collections isn’t that many - I would have expected being able to create a lot more than that.

I haven’t tried it myself - but what happens if you set count=200 with with your user_id with this:

Do you still only get 100 max? and can you page through your collections that way?


Yes, I’m setting count=200 and I’m only getting 100 collections. If I make a new iteration with the “cursor” value set I get an empty response.

The last collection I receive in the response is the first one I’ve created, I’m sure about that because the link of the collection is always twitted just after its creation.


I’ve created another thread in the proper category