Nsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL https://api.twitter.com/xd_receiver.html from frame with URL about:blank. Domains, protocols and ports must match. twitter-any.s3.amazonaws.com/1.2.0/javascripts/client.bundle.js:1


Seeing this error when my page loads.


I saw this:

Is there any solution?


Can you share the site you’re seeing this error on?


Hi @episod,

Same error can be seen on this web-site: http://roundteam.co
However this error doesn’t prevent web-site from operating normally. “Sign in with Twitter” works well. Similar error is produced by iframe with embedded YouTube video.

This error can be seen in Chromium, doesn’t show up in Firefox.

I’m not sure whether it something that should be fixed, meanwhile I didn’t find a solution for it, on the other hand, service functionality seems not to be affected.