Now Resolving: No tweets through twitter streaming api


I’m suddenly getting 0 tweets through the Twitter Streaming API. Is anyone else seeing problems at all? I’m not seeing any chatter on Twitter, so I’m wondering if this is just a problem for me or not.

Brian Maso


Same here, was working fine an hour ago. Now nothing. When I launch I connect and apparently receive the stream:

[Thu Nov 21 00:18:58 GMT 2013]Establishing connection.
[Thu Nov 21 00:18:59 GMT 2013]Connection established.
[Thu Nov 21 00:18:59 GMT 2013]Receiving status stream.


Glad its not just me. I’ve been down since about 2013-11-20 23:45 GMT (40 minutes ago). I’m not seeing any chatter on Twitter about it either.

Brian Maso


Now I’m seeing complaints. I guess its a more general outage.

Brian Maso


We’re seeing the same downtime here.


We’re seeing the same thing. Frustrating that the API status page isn’t showing anything wrong.


Hi everyone–

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’re aware of it and are working to resolve it.

Some fixes may already have taken effect. Please feel free to share here if you’re able to connect reliably again, and please let folks know what hostname and endpoint you’re able to connect to.


We are down as well. For awhile we were logging stream closed as soon as we opened a user stream on restart. But now it is just sitting there. No 420 error warning of exceeding connections.


We are experiencing the same thing. Good to see that I’m not the only one.


We’re experiencing the same thing since about 4:45PM MDT.


UserStream service is still operating normally according to status page


It’s back for me.


Hi again, everyone:

Endpoints on should be up and running (make sure to clear your DNS cache before trying to reconnect). However, success rates for endpoints on and are still low.

Thanks for your patience.


Just starting working for us again. Thanks!


Thank you for the update, @LogicalArthur. We’ll keep an eye here for your further updates on


Update: streaming endpoints should now be fully operational.

After flushing your DNS cache and attempting to reconnect, if you are still experiencing difficulties, please post here with the following:

  • Timestamp
  • Your IP address
  • The username under which your app is running
  • The IP address resolves to on the machine you’re attempting connection from


Just reporting I started receiving a trickle of tweets at about 2013-11-21 01:10 GMT.

(I was stuck underground in a subway so couldn’t report sooner. Leave it to LA to have a subway with no wifi and no cell reception possible. Nice to come out and see everything started working without my help!)

Brian Maso


Update: streaming endpoints should now be fully operational as well.

That means that at this time, all streaming endpoints should be fully operational. If you continue to experience difficulty, please submit the information I posted above with respect to User Streams, but include the hostname and endpoint you’re trying to connect to as well.

We may be shifting traffic between our datacenters without notice, so please make sure that you are not caching DNS records for more than a few minutes at most, so as to allow us to more effectively loadbalance and make sure you’re able to connect.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and sorry for the inconvenience.


We appear to be running normally again. We’ll keep an eye on things and report if anything changes. Thanks again!


Thanks @LogicalArthur. I was curious why these uptime stats and updates to the stream weren’t reported to or the API status. It’s often difficult to know right away without opening up a discussion forum. It also seems a bit misleading and hard to trust the when it shows apparently 100% uptime over the last 24 hours when in fact it was down for several hours for some of us today. Is there something that could help me understand why there is such a large discrepancy in the status being reported?