Now just getting constant "Unable to render Card preview"


A month ago I was able to validate three cards.

At first it was only giving me the usual error message “Unable to render Card preview”,
then for some reason it started working, and I validated three cards.

For several weeks, the cards were showing on my tweets perfectly.

Then about a week ago, the cards stopped showing on my tweets,
so I’ve been trying to validate them again.

Now all I get is the usual error message “Unable to render Card preview”.

Is there anyone on Twitter who can look into this and figure it out??

I’ve already verified the twitter:card fields are in the pages in question.
Also, I haven’t seen the TwitterBot visiting like it used to.

Perhaps @andypiper may have some insight??

Example page:


I get a 403 when attempting to visit that page.


Thanks for looking Andy.

We use some country blocking, which may have been the reason for the 403 error.

I’ve disabled it temporarily.

I’ve tried validating after disabling the country blocking with no success.

Have a look again please.


Now getting a different error!

“Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address.”

when trying to validate:

any ideas gentlemen? @andypiper @rchoi


When I change the URL ""
to the IP dotted address I now get the error:
“ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out.”

Anyone?? @andypiper @rchoi