Nothing is working! Anyone to update TwitterVB to API 1.1?


Nothing is working now!!!
How TwitterVB could be edited and updated to work with API 1.1? is there anyone can do it?
we need it.


Maybe one of these libraries can help:

LINQ to Twitter,, supports VB too and there are examples in the downloadable source code.


I’ve been working at least 2 months day in and out on this applciation and suddenly it stopped working. Any way to use TwitterVB with 1.1?


I would like to know this also. It seems TwitterVB DLL gave a nice clean way of interfacing to Twitter, compared to the rubbish we have to wade through now. Can anyone provide a way of cleanly posting a tweet from within VB (examples) without using pages and pages of coding, just to essentially post a lousy 140 character tweet? The documentation for REST API v1.1 does not appear to contain any real-world examples.

This basic example used to work great (but now doesn’t):-

    Dim twitter As New TwitterVB2.TwitterAPI
    twitter.AuthenticateWith("<>", "<>", "<>", "<>")

    twitter.Update("Test Tweet")


Theres been alot of problems with the old API which alot of people are still wanting to use since no one is able to release the newest vb for Twitter. I’ve been looking via Google for days and still cannot find any updated.