Not working in my ie9: search results top - all


When i use one of my saved search options, i’m unable to choose between top or all searchresults. when i hover the button “top” it just highlights but nothing happens, no slidemenu-option for “all”.

when i use the twitter searchbox to search manually for results, the resultpage appears and then the options" top" and “all” do work.

Somenone familliar with this??

Im using win 7 & ie9


Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, this forum is only for developers working with the Twitter API. To report issues with the Twitter web client, please use this form:


tnx for your reply, but i tried that allready. The only response i get is a standardized e-mail with links to FAQ. Thats why i tried this developers-forum.
But it seems to me nobody experiences this same problem.


I have the same problem, in all browsers: FF, Chrome and IE. You’re not alone. I made a bug report too.



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