Not throwing notifications anymore



I did a php script to easily retweet the tweet from my business account to my personal account.
It works perfectly but there is just one thing that I can’t understand:
why in the notification tab isn’t there any notification about that?
When I do that I see the notification on the foot of the page and I also see the number on the notification icon, but then when I open the notification tab I don’t see anything…

Am I the only one who noticed it? For me it seems a bug of the system, or did I do some mistakes?
Can I solve this problem in some way?

Obviously, if I do that without the script everything is normal.

Another strange thing that I noticed is that not only the retweet notification aren’t shown and not only to my other account, but also tagging or following someone or liking some tweet don’t create any notification to any other users. (I asked to some of my friends)
Note that the account isn’t muted.

This is very bad, what can I do? Why is this happening?
Is deactivating this system the only solution?

Update 2:
I tried to ask for info to Twitter but i got no answers.
So I’m still making tests… seems like that if I do some POST activity via API I get this problem. I also tried that in other accounts too, is it a new rule?
Anyway if I stop doing that it still can’t throw notifications to other users, even manually.
Even after 3 days that I stopped that the problem is still there and I have no idea of what is happening.

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I also tested that when i throw a notification, for example by linking a tweet, the other user receives it in the home page but if he goes in the notification tab there is nothing and twitter keeps saying there is a notification.
Maybe this is the cause of the notification problem that a lot of people are talking about:
Anyone else noticed that?


updates here:


It’s important to think about this with several things in mind:

  • there is no public “notification API” or “activity API” that is part of the Twitter platform, so this is not specifically a developer platform issue.
  • client apps, whether they are Twitter’s own mobile apps or website, or third party, can choose whether and how to display an activity alert to the user.
  • notifications may be load-dependent, too. There’s no guarantee from the apps (because they are not part of the developer platform) that a notification will be fired for any event.
  • the user can themselves choose to switch off follow, RT, like etc alerts, and in the case of some heavier volume activities, the notifications may be rolled up into a single message of some kind when the user next checks in. For instance, I generally don’t have background data or regular checks switched on for my iOS client, it looks for new activity when I open the app and refresh, so I may not immediately see when there has been a follow or whatever.

I can understand that this is frustrating if you’re “expecting” a particular behaviour or one that has worked for you in the past, and I have not heard of any changes in this area recently, but unfortunately this is difficult to help with for the reasons listed above.

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Follow for follow isn't allowed anymore?

Ok, let’s see what happens…
Thank you very much


I’ve been having this issue with all of my followers for weeks. They cannot all have my notifications turned off, and they would not contact me to ask why they are not receiving them either if they did. I don’t even think @support can see my mentions. I can’t file an appeal because my account is not suspended. What would cause every single notification to not go through? I know several other users with the same issue.


As I’ve described above, this is not a developer platform issue and this forum is intended for developers rather than account problems. Please use the support forms to follow this up.

I’m reluctantly closing this topic as we’re unable to help with these kinds of issues here. Thanks.