Not requesting "read tweets/follow data" but "phone"?


I am trying to let users sign up with Twitter OAuth. That is, I am not interested in Twitter data, per se. No one likes to provide unnecessary personal information to a service, so I would like to request only the things I need.

The only permission settings I could find were “read only” and “request e-mail”. I set it so, and tried to login. The pages said that my app requests the following things

*Read Tweets from your timeline <-- I do NOT want to read them.
*See whom you follow. <-- I do NOT want to see them.
*See your email address.

Can I disable the first two?

Also, I need to get the user’s phone number and address. It seems that there is no address settings in my Twitter account, so I think getting address is impossible. But there does exist phone number. Can I request the phone number? I am not forcing the users to give their phone numbers to me, but just giving an option. In case of Google’s OAuth, I can request the phone number and users can deny it. The login still succeeds, but I just get “null” for the phone number. If the field is null, I can just take that as “No, I do not want to give you my phone number” and go on.


It is not possible to get the user’s phone number or address from Twitter via any API method.

The read-only level of access to the API grants access to see the user’s timeline and follow graph. Whether you choose to use the access for that purpose is up to you.