Not recieving tweets from a particular user


We are using the streaming api to monitor tweets that mention the user we are authorised as, and take action based on a subset of them. However, while this appears to be working for most tweets, it appears to be that we are not seeing any tweets from one particular user.

Eg, if the user we are authenticated as is a, when user b tweets ‘hello @a’ we see this tweet, but not when user c tweets ‘hello @a’.

There appears to be no difference between user c and user b. In particular, they don’t have their tweets private, and neither follow or are followed by user a.

We are using the url with a post, and the option track=a (the user we are authenticated as). There does not appear to be any other error occurring.


Are the users you are using test accounts or are they real accounts? Can you provide user IDs and/or screen names? You shouldn’t need to provide the track command since generally you should receive valid @mentions of user @a as long as you are connected as @a withouting having to use the sidecar filter.



The accounts are real accounts. Account a is @kimjongsam_, account b is @ElgCcs, account c is @RickySeungwon. I understand that I don’t need to add track — do you think it could be responable for this issue?