Not receiving Tweets


Since a few minutos ago I started to not receive any tweets. I didn’t change anything, it just stopped, is there any issue at your side?


Not that I’m aware of. Which endpoint are you using, and what are you tracking?


Is there some sort of limitation on the streaming api that one can not receive streamed tweets based on cashtags like $aapl etc? I am receiving absolutely zero tweets when I use a cashtag. Code works though, as I can receive tweets on anything but cashtags. I posted a question here 2-3 months ago, but havent received any working suggestions or answers.


What language / library are you using? Is the $ correctly encoded? Also cashtags aren’t that frequent - only get 1 tweet per minute or so on $aapl so could be just that?


Using Phirehose and PHP, I have tried encoding the $ character in all possible ways I can think. What is also very strange is that when testing on twitters own test console, it too doesnt get any of the streaming cashtags. And I do follow the cashtags in a column in tweetdeck at the same time, to verify that tweets with these cashtags do stream.