Not receiving tweets anymore over streaming API



we are using the Streaming API since a few years. Since last night we do not receive any tweets anymore over the API. We are using Java, twitter4j 3.0.5 and the “track”-command to get the tweets. It is very strange that we do not get any error message. The connection gets established correctly, and the stream for receiving stream is active. We are using OAuth.

It is also strange that we are receiving a few tweets but only a very small fraction of what we usually got.

Does anyone experience the same problem? Are there any latency problems with the Streaming API currently? I would appreciate some help.

Thank you.




We are having the same problem! We are using twitter4J 4.0.1 and since today around 10am UTC we are receiving a very small fraction of tweets, and we see no errors…
We see no service disruption, no important api release for today…

Anyone else ? any help? We are quite worried here…


Same problem
Criteria seems to be case sensitive … sometimes


Case Sensitive?? How can you track case sensitive keywords? It must be an issue…


I hope so :slight_smile:

Will try to contact someone @twitter


@zorrobiwan Any news?


unfortunately not, tweet sent to 4 engineers
but it’s 7am in SF, they are waking up … :-/





Thank you Stefan, Maxime, and Pascal, for reporting this issue.

We are currently investigating with the team and it seems related to a change we made yesterday. We will be deploying a fix as soon as possible and will keep you updated.

Thanks for your patience.



Thx !


The team has just deployed a fix to production.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues with the Streaming API endpoints.

Thank you all again for the report and your patience.


Thx a lot !


You’re welcome. Let us know how things work on your side, Pascal! Thanks.


Seems to be working again on our side. Thank you for the fix. We will further observe it and let you know once we find something.
best, Stefan


yep, it works. Thx


Thank you for the note, Stefan. Glad to hear it is working again on your side.


Perfect, glad to hear. Thanks Maxime!


Is it possible this is happening again with user tracks ? It seems our user tracking is getting very low volumes since last 6 hours.


Same observation here. It’s happening again (delay and some Tweets are not coming)


Maxime, Pascal,

Thanks for the report. Just to be clear, is the issue you are encountering with the follow parameter to receive Tweets from a selection of users? Is everything working as expected with track for keywords?