Not Receiving Requested Number of Retweets when Specifying 'Count' in GET statuses/retweets/:id


I’m using Twython to write a script that will build a list of the ids of all retweets of a given tweet. I know that you can only receive up to 100 retweets with any one call, but I’m running into inconsistencies even when requesting that many. My code is:

retweets = self.twitter.get(‘statuses/retweets/{}’.format(tweet_id), {‘count’: 100}, version=‘1.1’)

Where “twitter” is a Twython object and a member of my RetweetGetter class. As a concrete example of the problem I’m hitting, if I call the above with tweet_id = 256568696212967424, len(retweets) == 37.

twitter.get(‘statuses/show/256568696212967424’)[‘retweet_count’] == 34968, so it’s not like I’m asking for more retweets than exist. Also, if I omit the {‘count’: 100} argument I only receive 15 retweets, so I know the argument isn’t just being ignored. Is this a Twython problem, or an issue with the API in general?