Not receiving all tweets via Streaming API


Since around 15.11.-16.11 we have suddently started to miss some tweets of the accounts we follow. From that date it never returned to normal. Different clients are receiving different portions of the data. We are using follow along with track.

Is there any report of possible events related to this? Anyone having similar troubles?


Can I kindly ask for an information, whether there have been some changes in the Streaming API on 15.11. or 16.11. which might have changed the way Streaming API behaves?

Or could anyone point me to some resource where I can find some info about the changes in the API?

Thank you


Can you provide specific examples or accounts which demonstrate the issue? Have you tried reconnecting to the streaming endpoint?

API changes are announced on these forums and via the @twitterapi handle, there have not been any changes on the Streaming API in the time period you refer to.