Not Receiving Account Activity Events


I am using Heroku to host the account-activity-dashboard app I have built according to the Twitter Development documentation and the Github repository. After launching the app through Heroku:

I am not receiving streaming account activity events. Webhook and Callback URLs are working properly. I can manually favorite an event and see the activity in the Heroku logs, but I am not receiving any other tweet objects for the webhook connection.

I am looking to receive a real-time streaming feed of tweets.


Have you created some account subscriptions?

If you post a Tweet on a subscribed account, does that hit the webhook and show up in the logs?


I have set up an account subscription for my personal twitter account. I am looking to receive all updates to my home timeline through the account activity dashboard, but have only been able to see favorite events.


Home timeline events are not included in the Account Activity API.


Ok thank you. If I can’t use the Account Activity API for home timeline events, can I use it in a different way to receive new tweets from people I follow? If this is not possible with the Account Activity API can you please refer me to the proper API to receive real time tweets from people I follow with my twitter account.


There’s no realtime way to do that, unless they are @mentions or quotes or your Tweets (that would flow via the Account Activity API). You’d need to poll the statuses/home_timeline endpoint to do this.

You can refer to a list of the activity message types that are available via webhooks here.