Not getting the URL entity for a tweet though it contains the url


When I am getting the last 20 tweets of a user sometimes the text does not contain full url it contains RT @infotroph: Those are lovely and it was SO HARD to keep myself from posting a dozen more just from this week and, again, follow http://t… . I know this is a retweet .So the problem happens with retweet ? I mean only retweet dose not contain url entities .? Please help


When you’re evaluating a retweet, the text you’re interested in is in the original tweet, so you have to look at the embedded tweet within the retweeted_status node rather than the outermost text node.


but some times the retweet text is coming completely with URL but some times The url is getting stripped .What si the actual problem ? Or is there any way to get the original tweet text by passing retweet ID ?


The answer is still the same – a retweet is a special kind of tweet. If you want the text of the original tweet, including entities mapping, use the embedded tweet object that descends from retweeted_status child node from the root of the tweet hash structure.

Your software’s logic should be to detect whether a tweet has the retweeted_status node, if it does process it the way I describe. If it doesn’t, then it’s a normal non-retweeted tweet.