Not getting reponses from Twitter API Support



I had my posting privileges revoked for my app (since 5th May).

I have twice now responded via the page to find out why/modify my app to be compliant with whatever the issue was but am not getting responses. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to check on the status of the request. I realise some requests take some time but this seems very long for no response at all.

The app reposts news articles with certain keywords once per hour. It follows people commenting or retweeting those links and it takes the acccounts talking about those news items through a bot detection algorithm which scores them. This worked fine for over a year (but I realise lately you’ve had a bit of a purge since you’ve become a vector for information warfare).

My account has been unable to post tweets since then and it is now net-losing followers.

Also I’m unsure where to find the application ID. I entered the owner ID key from this page.

Could this be the reason i have not gotten a response? I was logged in as the correct account when I made the request.

I understand you can’t respond in detail on this forum but can you tell me where to go from here?




Well I figure this may help someone. I couldn’t see the app id anywhere on the page ( must be missing) but I took a guess that it might be in the link to your API keys same as on the site itself for tweet I’d and user id.(ie 13883160)

So I got an automated response that I replied to and not heard anything for couple of weeks. I can see I’m not the only one.

Bit frustrating but there you go.



Oops. Turns out I did get a response to my response. Sorry.

However, that was on 27/6/2018 and said I had 14 days to respond which I did yesterday (which is surely within 14 days unless my mental arithmetic is very out) and was told the case was closed and I need to start the entire process all over again!

You have also now revoked the read access as well.

At this stage do I need to make a whole new application and deploy keys etc.? Or is it possible to make another helpdesk call and get it sorted with this one?

C’mon guys…


You are correct that the app ID is the numerical value within the app’s URL.

Your mental arithmetic is correct, in that this is still within 14 days of the response that you received. Unfortunately, I cannot help you much here as I am not on the team that addresses these types of issues.

I suggest that you go through the helpdesk process again and make sure that you respond quickly so that you can get this sorted out with your current app. That way, you can identify why you have been flagged and make changes to the way that your bot works to prevent it from happening again in the future.



Thanks for the reply, I already did so and gotten as far as I got before and replied all in one day. Will see how it turns out.

They explained that the problem was the automated following (I thought this was acceptable since I only follow someone automatically if they interact with the bot - I actually can’t see anywhere that says this isn’t okay in your policy but I am happy to not do it at all to get the rest working). I have disabled this part of the app.

Push comes to shove it isn’t really much hassle to change the keys and create a new app I just would rather it was all “above board” so I’m not running into issues again.