Not getting few tweets from API


We are using the twitter Search endpoint for “@Nanavati_H”. []

The API doesn’t return the below tweet, where as tweets above and below this tweet are provided:
sachin @sachinpatil92 9 Dec 2017
UHID 649607 after writing u r bill manager mr sunder too he not giving any clarification such a careless people dont expect sunder teeling me he will revert me in 10 mins his 10 min when cm i dont knw but i knw what 2 do with u …care and hygn charges are nursing chrges

Let me know why API is not providing this tweet


If you’re using the standard search endpoint, it only has a history of about 7 days. This Tweet was posted 4 months ago, so it would not appear in an API response.


Thanks for your response. If that is the case, then the tweet above the mentioned one was posted before the missing tweet. This is returned by the API

Nanavati Hospital @Nanavati_H 8 Dec 2017
We would certainly like to hear you out and take a deeper look at the matter. Please do share patient’s MRD No. and contact details so we can find out more about your experience.


Can you please share the specific API query and endpoint you are using?


the below tweet is not provided by API:


That is not an API call. That URL represents a web search. We do not support the Twitter website via these forums, and you should never use those URLs programmatically as that would be web scraping, which is a violation of the Twitter rules and Terms of Service.

Please demonstrate that this is an issue using As mentioned, I would not expect any Tweets earlier that 7 days ago to appear in the API search results, and this is working as expected.