Not generating notification for tweet replies



I have created a bot which generated a reply when someone mentions it in a tweet. The reply is generated using the REST API.
I noticed that when the reply is posted by the bot, if the user is using a desktop he/she get a notification (under notification tab) and is able to see it in the feed as well. However, if the user is on mobile, they don’t get any push notification and there is nothing in the in-app notification tab either. The tweet only shows up on the feed as a reply to the original tweet.
Now if you replace the automated reply with an actual person’s reply, the receiver gets the push and in-app notification.


I just saw that even when using desktop the notifications are not getting generated. And this particular behaviour is specific to the account from which I am posting tweets. The tweet although are getting posted and is visible in the feed. Generation of push and in-app notification is the problem.

Any tweet posted form other accounts generate notification.


There is no notification API and there is no platform guarantee that a given Tweet or reply will generate a notification. Tweets may be filtered by the quality filter or the the antispam botmaker system.


I understand the there are no notification API. However, I do expect that a notification will be generated when a tweet’s reply is addressed and legitimate. Infact the response generated form the APIs, are not even close to spam. The users get a reply when they explicitly and purposely mention the handle, in their tweet.
Could you please have a look if spam/quality filter is marking the tweets as spam? The application name is “NeuralPainting GIF”


Infact from the logs, I see that for a brief amount of time twitter APIs were returning error code 226.

This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now.

This must be a mistake from the spam detector/filters.
This is causing a lot of noise amongst customers.


This is outside of our capabilities on the forums - we literally are unable to help with this. Your original request asked why some posts may not show up as user notifications and we responded to that. We cannot debug every individual Tweet.


Your spam filters are not generating notification for any activity related to the account. This is happening at an account level and not just tweet level.
If this is outside the capabilities if the forum where do you expect to post such issues?


Yes, it’s entirely possible that an account has been marked by Botmaker as one to exclude from notification or search etc. You’d have to look at our support pages for further assistance, we can’t help with it from a developer platform perspective.


I’m having the same problem actually where none of my tweets are showing up in people’s notifications. Several people told me they couldn’t see and recieved no notification when I @ them AND I even tweeted from that account to another account that I RUN and still received no notification in my replies. I’ve scoured the support pages for further assistance but there is nothing that addresses this problem.

I run an artist page with over 7k followers and it’s actually hurting my business for commissions. Please advise?


This is not a developer platform issue or question so we cannot help here.