Not fetching max tweets (100) in 1 request


Hi, I am using the sandbox environment of the premium api in python to fetch tweets about Lenovo Ideapad 320. It is using 4 requests to fetch around 169 tweets. Ideally, I should get that in only 2 requests (sandbox fetches 100 tweets in 1 request). I am unable to understand why extra tweets are getting used. For reference, I have mentioned my query below:

{“query”:“ideapad 320 -uberbuyer -youtube -https -http -deal -deals -atak lang:en -has:links”, “fromDate”: “201801010000”, “toDate”: “201807010000”, “maxResults”: 100}

Let me know if any other information is required.
Thanks in advance.


Thank you for writing in.

We have the following listed in our documentation:
The API will respond with the first ‘page’ of results with either the first ‘maxResults’ of Tweets or all Tweets from the first 30 days if there are less than that for that time period.


Thanks for the clarification