Not catching og:image tags on mobile


We are using Twitter player cards however on mobile (web & native app) it is not catching the og:image tag ~50% of the time therefore displaying a blank image. Please see below on mobile -

Please advise.


We have discovered that using the card validation tool fixes this problem.
Does this mean that the tweets are not being validated correctly in the first place?




Although it may not affect the issue above, it looks as though the twitter:title meta tag is missing from the page. Please make sure this is among the other tags or the card may not render.

We occasionally see issues when images are hosted on CloudFront. If I take your card and use an image hosted on my own domain, everything is displayed as expected. This leads me to believe that the Twitterbot may be blocked from fetching the images. Please take a look at this page regarding our crawler and robots.txt files:



This error occurs <50% of the time which is odd as why would the twitter bot only be being blocked sometimes. We are now experiencing this problem with the twitter site above the video. It gets set to a default (or possibly cached) site but if I run it through the validator it shows the correct site and then corrects the tweet.