Not allowed to perform write operations in readonly app


Hi !

I just got an email from twitter saying that our application was not allowed to perform write operations anymore, however the email does not contain any details why this happened. As suggested I reviewed once more Twitter terms and conditions of their API and everything looks in order. (

My app is set to readonly mode anyway so i’m not really understanding why we lost ability to write especially because we don’t write anything on behalf of the user … Does any of you ran into such situation before ? Is there any way to get more information on why the application was flagged ? I also reviewed this document ( but there is nothing useful in it either.



Twitter has automated systems that find and disable abusive API keys in bulk. If you received a notice from Twitter about your application being restricted from write actions between 5/29/14 and 6/2/14, it may be one of a set of apps that were mistakenly targeted during this period. These API keys have since been reactivated and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please go ahead and try to perform a write action with your app to confirm (you may not have received notice of the reactivation). If you are still prevented from write operations, please file a ticket and we will investigate the situation: