Not All my images are showing in my tweets



I’m very confused as to why twitter shasring is so hard to understand comparing to facebook.

Now can someone explain to me why only I image from a whole site of images are showing up in my tweet. so for e.g
Sharing this link produces a perfect twitter feed.

BUT!! - BA23
wont produce a image in my twitter feed.

All the images are exactly the same in size , file type and they are all in the same location on the server.
So why in gods name is it only recognising only one image as being valid.
Yet they all show up on facebook feeds with no problems whatsoever.
I have been at this for days now almost a week and nothing iv tried works or will fix the problem.

Kind regards


I’m not sure what the issue is here - both of these links seem to validate fine.


Thanks for getting back to me. At the time when I posted … the thumbs
wouldn’t show but I checked tday and they are now showing maybe its a delay
thing with the thumbs…

Kind Regards.