Not able to verify my phone with Twitter, hence not able to create a new app


I am based in China and Twitter mobile verification never seem to work with China-based carriers (+86)

I have contacted support for this but would like to know if this is the norm these days.

I have had a few apps under my accounts already (before twitter added mobile verification requirement), and would like to avoid having to fill a support form every time.

Ref: How to create an app with China mobile phone?


I received a reply from Support telling me I used the wrong support form category, can someone please let me know which exact category my question should address to in this huge form:

PS: I was using and the last category.


That’s very weird, I don’t know which section would fit better. Maybe @andypiper can provide any hints about that?


I asked around last week, it seems most of dev in china are using google voice to get around this problem.

Some told me one can get verified by contacting support directly, but so far no further response from Twitter.

I don’t think this is a bug or temporal error, I believe Twitter isn’t able to send SMS message to chinese carriers, but they need to provide alternatives and spell it out in the settings.