Not able to use API using access token received by oauth



I am using Twitter Oauth for login and getting user’s access token and access Secret
But when i use user’s access Token and Secret for REST API call it gives
{ errors: [ { code: 89, message: ‘Invalid or expired token.’ } ] }
when i uses access token and secret of app account then it works fine.

snippet of my code[node/javascript]

    var Twitter = require('twitter');
twitterSettings = {
            consumer_key: CONST.twitter.consumerKey,
            consumer_secret: CONST.twitter.consumerSecret,
            access_token: USER.accessToken,
            access_token_secret: USER.accessTokenSecret

  var Twit = new Twitter(twitterSettings);


How long after authenticating and storing the user token does this happen? Could the user have revoked your tokens in their settings?


I tested with my personal account
New login(a day ago) and not revoked


I try with different twitter app still its not working.