Not able to submit to "Twitter API Policy Support"



Hi, I have created a web service to write automatic DMs. This is part of my academic project where I read DMs and respond to them automatically. While testing my code, I am getting error code 226.

Now when I try to submit a ticket at, I am always getting the message ‘There was an error preventing ticket submission. Please try again later’. I am stuck with this.

Username of the account is tcsbitsent. App name/ID are TCSBITSApp/12913262

Can anybody help.


I’ve just successfully used the form to submit a ticket via Chrome. Please could you try again, in case this was a temporary issue? Also you’ll need to make sure that you’re using the right Twitter account to submit the ticket. Sometimes, trying a different browser can help with such problems.


Thanks Andy. My problem is resolved for now. If it reoccurs, I will try the support link. Thanks again.