Not able to get timelines of any screen_name except "twitterapi"


Hi Guys,
I am using url “” to fetch user timelines and all.
I have created app with my userid but given “” as website while creating app.

I am facing 2 problems while testing it in postman with oAuth 1.1:

  1. I am getting error “message”: “Could not authenticate you”, code : 32 if I am using any scrren_name other than “twitterapi”. It is giving same error message even if I will pass my own screen_name with which I had created all tokens.

  2. If I am trying to use count in addition to screen_name even with “twitterapi” , it is not working and giving error “message”: “Could not authenticate you”, code : 32.

Any help in this regard will be quite helpful to me.

Amit Sharma