Not able to get List of followers and frinds in Twitter Rest Api



i am trying to get followers list and freinds list from (/1.1/followers/list.json) this api , but it returning no data to me , if any one have solution please tell me what the reason its urgent for me .



Can you share a code snippet that demonstrates what you’ve tried, and any error or output you are seeing?


hello any i have used this code

    MyTwitterApiClient apiclients = new MyTwitterApiClient(session);
    Call<JSONObject> call = apiclients.getFollowersIds().show(session.getUserId(), null, true, true, 100);
    call.enqueue(new Callback<JSONObject>() {
        public void success(Result<JSONObject> result) {
            Log.e(TAG, "onResponse: " +;
            Log.e(TAG, "onResponse: " + result.response);
        public void failure(TwitterException exception) {


interface GetFollowersIds {
Call show(@Query(“user_id”) Long userId, @Query(“screen_name”) String
var, @Query(“skip_status”) Boolean var1, @Query(“include_user_entities”) Boolean var2, @Query(“count”) Integer var3);


I am getitng zero no of followers every time.


@andypiper Please help me out in this, i have given all the permissions in twitter dashboard of the project , iam getiing my name , followers count but not able to get the list as it shows 0 data in followers list.


hi have you find any solution @andypiper @TwitterTutor @twitterhelp