Not able to display all the tweets using search rest API 1.1 since today morn



I have been facing a very weird issue in search API since today morning while displaying the tweets. Till yesterday i was able to view all the tweets for the particular search string but from today morning i am getting only the tweets which are posted today, the old tweets are missing in the results. I tried passing different params suggested in the API like result_type=mixed and count=20 etc but no luck. Does twitter displays only the latest or some time bound tweets ?
When i log into my twitter account and search for the query string(pegadevcon) i see plenty of results, but when i use the java code or twitter4j to fetch the results i see only two results which are posted today.

Can you please help me out with this issue , i need urgent help on this.

The query string which i am using is pegadevcon.



I am having the same problem.
I read that api searches just for last 7 days.

The posts are you looking for are in this gap?