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I am trying to create widget using the options given as Twitter settings > Widgets. But there is no luck while creating widgets.
While I am clicking on Create new Widgets, it’s showing options like Profile, Like, List, Collection, Search. After that whatever I choose it’s showing me embedded code and preview by giving name or hashtag to the text box - What would you like to embed, but not any option like publish or save changes or something like that.

And after that while I am back to again widgets, it’s showing You currently have no widgets..

All I want to know how to create widgets in Twitter. Please let me know.



You do not need to create and save widgets in your account (except for a search widget). All of the others are available via cut-and-paste code from and they do not get saved into your account as widgets, so what you’re seeing is the expected behaviour.


How can I get twitter widget ID to use in site ?
And if widgets will be not saved in settings>widgets, then there will be no need of You currently have no widgets..
As whatever you will do, this will always show the same text You currently have no widgets right ?


Search widgets currently will be saved in that section of your settings.

All other widget types no longer create an ID. If you’re using a plugin that requires a Twitter widget ID, then the author should update it to support our new formats.


Thanks Andy. I got that.


Does ZOLO Themes currently have a custom WordPress widget to add a Twitter timeline to a site? HTML markup generated by should function in a text/HTML widget area.


I am also having trouble with embedding twitter timeline from a list as a widget into my personal page. I know there are no widget IDs to put into the twitter widget on wordpress site but the html codes from twitter developers fail to work also:

<a class='twitter-timeline' href=''>A Twitter List by NeuroNewsNight</a> <script async src='//' charset='utf-8'></script>


<a class='twitter-timeline'
Tweets from

Please help.

#8 Twitter Timeline Widget currently supports two embed types: profile and widget ID. If you are having trouble with a widget created by please contact support.


When I click on the button ‘Create widget’ a drop down menu appears with five choices as listed by zolothemes.

Clicking any one I am taken to the page which asks me to enter a twitter url.

Whatever I enter I receive a message saying 'an empty timeline.

Copying the html code just gives me tweets marked ‘like’.
I have searched the internet but cannot find any website covering my experience.

Help would be appreciated.


Can you give any examples of Twitter URLs you’ve tried which produce an empty timeline?


The main one is

Most of sample urls shown when you click on the box where you are asked to enter your url I have tried with replacing TwitterDev with margocale.


That’s a protected private account. You cannot create a widget for an account that is not public.


I am not creating an account in their name I replace their name with my own name such as with

I would like some help to overcome the problem so what url do I insert in the box.


Can you please let us know:

  • What platform and web browser you are using?
  • What specific user profile (@handle) you want to create a timeline widget for?


I am using windows 10 with Firefox,



An embedded timeline widget displays Tweets authored by an account that are available to the general public.

Twitter user margocale has chosen to protect Tweets; no Tweets authored by margocale are available to the public. The protect Tweets setting must be disabled before Tweets from margocale may be displayed to the public.


I have unticked the box ‘protect my tweets’.

I have clicked on ‘create widget’, chose profile, inserted in the box and have pasted the code created into a website. This has created a link…

A software package I am using requires me to insert a data widget ID to create a link. The code created above does not give this information.

What steps do I take to create this ID number?


No ID is needed for embedding a user profile. Your software needs to update and remove the widget ID requirement. Please contact your software provider.


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