Not able to create my first app


It is always saying “Rate Limit Exceeded”


I have the same problem.

I can’t register my first app. This account was created a year ago but not used that much. I follow 24 tweets and have 4 followers. I access my account only via my PC with firefox.

Any help would be welcome!


I’m experiencing the same problem.


Same problem here. I assume that something happened at Twitter that is making it unavailable if we’re all experiencing this problem together. Hopefully, there are some moves being made at twitter that fix the problem.


I’ve tried today again to register the app. This time I’ve got another error message:

You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application. Please read for more information.”

I added a mobile number and voila it worked!

The first mobile number did not work. I was sent a verification number via SMS but it was not accepted. That number was an old prepaid D2 mobile contract. Then I tried a prepaid EPlus number and that worked out.

Maybe this will help, good luck to all!




Experiencing the same problem, AKFiel suggested adding a mobile number which I have done so and got confirmation that it works so I’m not sure on the problem.


I didn’t know about this forum, so I opened a new support issue, because I have the same problem, I guess maybe people are experiencing this too.

after fixing the phone number thing, the minimum length for description, the url format, waiting for a couple of hours… I get the rate limit exceeded error message


I’m experiencing this issue too. Does it have to do with the fact of not having a phone number prior to the app creation attempt? I’ll update tomorrow asi it seems it has a daily limit (?).

EDIT: 24 hours later, I was able to create my first app.


There is an intermittent issue with that we are aware of causing this Rate Limit Exceeded message - we are working on a resolution. Apologies!