Not able to create an app


I am new to twitter developer and trying to create my first app on filling in all the details when i click on the button “Create your Twitter App” it throws me the following error:

You must confirm your email address prior to creating an application. Please read for more information

Fair enough… I go into the above mention link and follow the instruction. Now at point no 4. which is

You will see a note that your email is pending confirmation (highlighted in yellow, as shown below)

I do not get such a yellow highlighted thing nor did i receive any email for confirmation, which means my email address is confirmed.

Please help me in how to get this issue resolved.



Sorry about this! :no_good:

Is there any chance you could try temporarily changing the email address associated with your account, then changing it back - to get the confirmation process to go through again?


Thanks Andypiper, It worked… Is there any way i can close this thread??


I can do that for you :smile: thanks for confirming, and glad you are up-and-running.

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