Not able to change the scheduled tweet type(organic <->promoted)



When using the scheduled_tweets API
I’ve encountered problem that I cannot change the tweet type.

When creating (POST) scheduled tweet, I am able to set tweet_type(organic/promoted) by using “nullcast=true/false” parameter. However, when updating(PUT) scheduled tweet,
there is no “nullcast=true/false” parameter to change the tweet type.

I can definitely change the scheduled tweet type(organic<->promoted) on the original website, however, I cannot change the tweet type by using the Ads API.

Thank you for your attention. Patiently wait for your reply.

reference api i’ve used :

Announcement: update to scheduled Tweets

Good question, @neplove.

You’re correct that the PUT accounts/:account_id/scheduled_tweets/:scheduled_tweet_id endpoint does not support updating the nullcast param even though this ation is supported on

Let me sync with the team and get back to you on this one.




Thank you for your kind reply~~~~ :grin:
And also wait for the team’s reply~~


@neplove: We’ve added the nullcast parameter to thePUT accounts/:account_id/scheduled_tweets/:scheduled_tweet_id endpoint. See this post for more details.

Thanks for asking about this!


Thank you so much!
I am now able to work on my API!