"Not a valid URL format" when creating an app


Hey all,

anyone else how faces the same problem when trying to registering an application via the Application Management. The system tells me that the callback URL has not a valid format, but it surely has.

I tried several different addresses with IP, port, fully quallified TLDs, with/without http, with/without www. I also reported it as an issue.

Can anybody help?


Okay, I just figured out that the problem refers to the Website URL and not to the Callback URL. This not really intuitive since the description also allows a placeholder.

If anybody faces the same problem just give a valid url like http://somthing.com as Website URL.


Thank you for posting this, helped a lot!


i an giving http://somthing.com but its not workin.still giving the error invalid url


i got similar reply and still looking for help


So Here it is what worked for me …
Wesbite:http://example.com/ <== remove any spaces at start and end
callback url:http://example.com/auth/twitter/callback/

it worked :smiley:


Thanks for the solution, it works


the holy problem was spaces!! damn i feel stupid lol


Didn’t work in Chrome, worked in FireFox


Thank you so much, it worked!!!


this is working on localhost…


callback url:http://example.com/auth/twitter/callback/
it is working


no this is not working on localhost:8080


can you please tell me @secinverse ,how you have implemented for localhost.

thanks in advance:)


Hi Can some one help me on posting an image to Twitter wall from my jsp page. It required in my application to immplement.

Very Appreciate for your help.



please provide me the solution.



Is it working to the callback URL?..
plz help me…


Tried valid URL(s) with Chrome & Firefox, got no luck >.<