Non-uniform Android Intent Results for TweetComposer and App Cards



While developing a share to twitter functionality for an Android app, I found it very unintuitive and unnecessary to have two different methods of receiving a callback related to whether or not the tweet was completed.

Seeing as one of Fabric’s key responsibilities is to manage analytics like these, it’s a huge inconvenience that TweetComposer does not relay back an error (UPLOAD_FAILED), and App Cards do. Additionally, when implementing both App Cards and the TweetComposer into an application it’s very unnecessary and taxing to have to manage two separate methods of receiving the completion information.

As a Fabric user, I expect to have clear venues to get relevant analytics. The ideal method would be to have three responses for both App Cards and the TweetComposer: Success, Failure (currently only available with App Cards…), and Canceled (only available with TweetComposer, as far as I know). It seems counterintuitive for Fabric to adopt Twitter support if the responses are not uniform and makes support so inconvenient.



Thanks for your feedback on this @trevorkporter and definitely understand that this currently isn’t providing an ideal and smooth experience for you. I’ve already shared this with the team and we’re going to work on making it better. I don’t have an ETA yet, but will keep this thread posted with any news.



Thanks for the reply @bonnell, I’m a big fan of Fabric and appreciate all you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!