Non-browser app 1.1


Hi, I developed a small app in VC++ that performs tag searches using, such like “”. Will the API 1 shutdown in march/2013 affect me? I don’t need anything else than that. Never had to authenticate. I use it to create message interactive projected screens, just need the profile picture, comment, and image entity.




Come March 2013, you’ll need to leverage OAuth to communicate with the Search API from your console application, likely through hard-coding an access token representing your identity and relationship with the application.


So this is the recommended solution? Using ‘any’ token-secret for your application? I’m asking because our web-app is using search-API, and does not require a user to be logged in ( to Twitter or otherwise ) to see the results of this.

Is there an approximate timeline for ‘Application authentication’ as mentioned here ?


There’s no timeline available for when app-only auth will be available but I wouldn’t rely on the rate limits for that scenario necessarily being enough for your user base. I would strongly recommend instead thinking about requiring Twitter login on your site when showing/retrieving Twitter data instead – it’s going to be the only way to reliably scale your usage of the API with your site growth.


I see, I somehow thought the rate-limit was per application. Just read the documentation again, as you say it’s per-user-per-application. Will just swop out with the client’s token when I have one. Wish me luck breaking this to the boss (requiring twitter login to see tweets )