NodeXL query issue


Hi all,
I am new to Twitter and to NodeXL software (Social network API running software).
I am facing an issue while trying to use the import “Twitter search Network” function.
while putting a query that will bring all of the tweets with #breaking_news and limiting it to a large number (for example 5000 tweets), I am getting only 300 tweets back. while querying another hashtag (for example #trump), I am getting a number that’s close to the limit that chose. NodeXL support say that it’s a Twitter issue. any idea why is it happening? and how can I bypass this?
Thanks, Barak.


The Twitter Search API is not necessarily a complete index, and only provides up to ~7 days of Tweets. I would speculate that perhaps there are not enough Tweets available in the 7 day index to provide the number of Tweets you’re requesting on a given hashtag.


I know that the API provides tweets up to 7 days back. but the #breaking_news hashtag is a very popular one. so there are many more tweets with this hashtag in the last 7 days than 300. that’s why it’s so strange…


What do you see when you retrieve the Tweets directly from the Twitter API using eg twurl (not via the web or NodeXL)? I’m not familiar with NodeXL or how their application interacts with the Twitter API.


the NodeXL is using the Twitter get tweets API’s and displaying them in an excel sheet. furthermore, when i spoke with NodeXL support, they said that this is a twitter issue.