Node Js Twitter-Ads Library Authenticating multiple accounts using 1 application



I am using the below Node.js library for Twitter Ads to fetch Ad Analytics data. I have 4 Twitter accounts, however Twitter support has whitelisted just 1 application (linked to one of the 4 accounts) and asked me to use it for all accounts.

How do I proceed in authenticating the 3 other accounts using this application with the below Node.js library?


Hey @mfarroukh

We don’t provide support with any 3rd party libraries. If you’ve got general issues or questions with the Ads API we’d be happy to help.

I would recommend following up on the issue you’ve posted.



Hey @imit8me

Thanks for your response. Actually I need support on how to authenticate
multiple Ad Accounts with 1 application. I went through the 3 legged
authentication method but it involves a web login to authenticate which
isn’t what I want. I need a server to server approach with no log in
requirement. We need to schedule a call on a daily basis to pull ad
metrics. Please advise on the best way to achieve that.