No updates for my Tailored Audiences




I work on a program who update automatically update my Tailored Audiences with CSV files (Email).
I don’t have any problem with TON Upload, and the Tailored Audience Changes respond a 201 http code (perfect !).
The problem is in the Twitter Audience Manager, I don’t have any update on my Tailored Audience… I try to change my uploded Files ( I changed size and test with hashed un non-hashed files) but my Tailored Audience is never updated.

If you have an idea for my problem, I would be grateful !


Hey @r_timothee

A few things to note here,

  1. Can you provide us the Ads account_id as well as the relevant Tailored Audience ids as well?
  2. When was the Audience last updated (i.e., the timestamp for when you made the UPDATE call)?

Note: Audience processing times do vary and may take up to a few days to update the UI and API with the final values. Can you confirm that these values haven’t been updated for 3-4 days after making the last update request?



Thank you for your rapidity to respond !

My account ID for my tests is : oz2o8c
The Tailored Audience ID : 20jba
I created the audience the of February and updated lot of times since today, the last time is 31 of march.
In the UI the last update date is 26 of February.


Any idea for my problem ?

Another thing : I created a new Taiored Audience , directly from my program, a week ago and the status is still in “processing”.


Hey @r_timothee

Just pinging on this thread to see if your issue has been resolved.




Nope, the problem is still there and the project is on stand by. If you have any idea for resolve the problem, I would be grateful, because for all my tests, the result is always the same: no update of my Tailored Audiences.

Thanks !


Gotcha, we’ve noticed this problem was solved for other folks by re-uploading these stuck audiences using a different name/label. Can you try uploading these audiences again as explained? Let me know the audience ids for these newly created audiences.



I re-tried to update an existing Tailored Audience and I created 2 Tailored Audiences manually and update with my app and the results are the same : the last update date didn’t change in the Manager and the size of the Tailored Audience was the same.
I didn’t have error in the update callback…
I really don’t know what the problem is and the project is blocked. I’m the only one with this issue ?

Thank !