No Tweet Field!



I can’t see Tweet Field at Twitter Website !
But i can send Tweets using my mobile !!

This Is Picture For my Problem : [IMG][IMG]

I am Waiting For Answers !!


It may be related to THIS


same here, there is no box for composing a tweet. besides “composing a new tweet” button at the top-right corner, retweet&reply buttons donot work on my twitter home page. i can only read tweets sended lastly but old tweets cannot be loaded. help??


Same here. Nothing seems to work. No tweets, no retweets, no ansers.


same here. it alsogives not the possibility to search anything. however twitter on my android devise works fine.


there is no search with hashtag!!! however tweetdeck works fine. what is going on?


This has been an issue for at least 12 hours now. There are several errors in the js bundle === bad build. Firebug console is showing various syntax errors and undefined var assignments.

Then again, it could be a simple data entry error. I’m looking at the German version and there’s an unescaped double quote in a moustache template:

“Wem soll ich folgen ansehen.”
Which of course will screw up all the JS on the site. Duh!

It’s really strange that they haven’t fixed it yet, maybe the global cache hasn’t been cleared yet?


Same to me ,the button “compose new tweet” is not working, “reply” and “retweet” don’t work too.
My Followings and Followers disappeared and unable to see them, since last night.


هلا اخوي اذا توضح لي وش المشكلة ممكن اساعدك ؟


يعطيكـ العافية

المشكلة انحلت بس ماادري شلوون (=


يلا الحمدلله الله يوفقك …

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