No transparent redirection is happening for oauth/authenticate


As per twitter doc ( the should do a transparent auto redirection if the user has already logged in and approved the app.
But in my case I am always getting sign-in page with user id and password fields filled-up with previous data, if I click the remember me option then from next time onwards I am getting the "Authorize APP_NAME to use your account " page.
Please help me regarding how to get the transparent redirection working.
My app is a C++ app (Samsung bada mobile OS)


Are you asking for only read-write permissions in this case or also dm read privilege? The transparent redirect will only work for read-write or read-only permissions in this case. What kind of web client are you using when landing on oauth/authenticate? Does it support sessions and cookies?


@episod Thanks a lot for pointing out that for DM access there will be no auto redirection (actually from ur reply in I found that we can not use oauth/authenticate for RWD access).
I was using some mobile APIs (Samsung bada) for 3-legged authentication.
And it would be really helpful if Twitter could put these info in documentation or in FAQ (if not there already)…thanks anyway :slight_smile: