No thumbnail image shown (twitter:image) on Summary Card



I’m having issues getting our thumbnail images to show up. Every time we share an article, the placeholder thumbnail image is being used instead of the image specified in the twitter:image meta tag.

I have gone through everything in the Summary Card docs, and everything in the pinned FAQ on this forum for no image, and I’m unable to figure out what the problem is.

  1. Our robots.txt allows everything
  2. We are specifying twitter:card “summary”
  3. We are specifying the twitter:title, twitter:description, twitter:image, and twitter:url
  4. All meta tags are included when forcing the Twitterbot and Twitterbot/1.0 user-agents
  5. The image fetching works properly with the Twitterbot user-agents

Page in question:

twitter:image from that page:

It may be worth noting that we are not currently forcing the protocol of http or https in the image, we just use //. We have tried forcing it to both http and https though, and that did not work either.

Are we missing something? We feel like we have exhausted all of our ideas on this, including pre-warming the CDN cache, using slightly larger images, triple-checking the tags we are using, etc.

Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated.


Same here since about a week.


You should definitely include a protocol on the URL (https ideally).

The robots.txt on the cloudfront server where the image is hosted is denying access to all crawlers, so that’s what the issue appears to be here.


I think you may be right! Can’t believe I didn’t think of checking the robots.txt on the CDN domain.

Have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for the deploy, but I’ll let you know if this fixes it. I’m pretty confident that it will. Thanks either way for the feedback! I’ll follow up and let you know.


It was a combination of both the robots.txt on the CDN domain, and the lack of https:// protocol spec in the twitter:image meta tag! When we fixed both of those, everything is now working perfectly!

Thanks AndyPiper. This is absolutely huge for our content and marketing teams.

You seem to help a ton of people around here. I think AndyPiper deserves a beer.


Glad you’re all set! :smile: :beers: