No text in Grid Template images for Collection Timeline in Android Chrome



An example would be if you visited on Chrome for Android. You would notice that posts in the Grid Template that highlights an image is missing text as opposed to the desktop version of chrome.


Did some sleuthing and discovered the offending style that is being applied on Chrome for Android … .GridLayoutMediaTweet:not(.is-showingInterstitial) .GridLayoutMediaTweet-    mediaOverlay {
   display: none;

… commenting out that style shows the text as it should be. Or is there a public js api that invalidates this rule?


Still not a resolved issue by any means. Can I get some help out official comment?


Hi @ashafa - I can’t comment on the status, but I did pass this thread along to the team that works on embedded timelines so that they can have a look.


Thanks man. Good looking out.


hmm … No movement with what I would think is a rather serious issue


There’s a ticket open, and it will be addressed - I can’t comment on what else the team is working on right now. Thanks for raising.


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This should now be resolved.