No results from media_creatives endpoint, client is expecting data returned


Hi, I am currently getting no results back from the media_creatives endpoint and our client says that there should be data there. We are using the Twython sdk for authentication.

App Id: 8596508
Account_Id: 18ce544kdg0
The request we’re making:
media_creatives = twython.get(‘’)

And media_creatives becomes:
{u’data’: ,
u’next_cursor’: None,
u’request’: {u’params’: {u’account_id’: u’18ce544kdg0’}}}

We are able to pull card data and it is my understanding that cards is a sub-class of media_creatives, so if there is card data we should be able to get media_creative data. Is this assumption incorrect? And should this account be getting media creative data?

Let me know what else you need from me in order to facilitate this request.



Good afternoon,

Could I have an update on this?



no results back from the media_creatives endpoint and our client says that there should be data there

The media creatives endpoint is used to return any account media that is associated with a line item (Ad Group) for a campaign.

Media associated with cards or tweets is available through the media_library endpoints.

Could you provide a bit more information about what data your client is creating, what account it is associated with, and how you are looking to access it?


Hey @osowskit1,

Thanks for the info! After speaking with my team we think this makes sense, we will try the media_library endpoint. We’re trying to replicate a report from one of our client’s and they have a field named “creative status”, and it looks like the field “media_status” from the media library endpoint may be what we need.

Is there a way for us to share our client’s report here? I know this a public forum and I don’t want expose client sensitive data. I think that would help answer some questions that you have


I mainly need assistance finding the field “Creative Status”, I was able to find something similar in the media_library endpoint called “media_status” but I’m not sure if these are the same fields. In my clients report they have the value “Approved” for the field “Creative Status”


@osowskit1 Hey just wondering if you had time to take a look at my last two comments.



The promoted tweet API endpoint can return the entity_status field which can return ACCEPTED and Accounts and Media Creatives can have an approval_status field which represents the Content Approval Status with a value of ACCEPTED.

However, there doesn’t appear to be a direct mapping of what the “Approved” field your client’s report is referring to. Could you clarify with your client what this represents?