No response to elevated POST request




After the announcement on the new daily POST limit update, we followed the procedure you mentioned and applied for elevated POST access through “I have an API question…” option, but we haven’t received any update on the next steps.

We would appreciate clarification on what is the status of our request and if there is other ways to communicate with the Twitter Developers Support Team about this issue.



I also do not get an answer


Hi, @LeBraat
Can you help please.
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@Cruis951 - Our team is distributed around the globe and we may not always be able to answer a question quickly. We have different schedules and sometimes it may take a few days. Thanks for your patience! This is a community forum, not a direct channel to technical support.

What is the app ID that you applied for elevation with?

@PownderRene - I noticed that your application for a developer account was denied. Based on this, any application for a POST elevation will not be approved.


Thank you so much @LeBraat for the quick reply, I really appreciate it.
The App is: 14639085


I have waited around a month to hear a response, should it take longer than this? :confused:

@LeBraat could you please look into it for me, App ID: 14748409

Thank you


We thought we didn’t get a response either but the email was somehow marked as spam in gmail.


I check the spam folder every day but still heard nothing from them.


Hi @LeBraat !
Sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if there’s any updates about my request (App ID: 14639085).
Thank you,


@theshapguy - did you apply for elevated POST access described below? Your dev account should be good.

@Cruis951 you need to have a developer account for this app first, then make the elevated POST request.

This is described here: Update: POST endpoint rate limit enforcement moving from September 10th to October 22nd


hi @happycamper !

I appreciate your quick response.

I have already a devlopper account and i updated the ’ App usage’ section before applying to ‘Elevated PST Request’ through ‘I have an API question…’ option.

Thank you,


Hi @LeBraat @happycamper !
Can you please update me on the current status of request, and if there’s anything i can do to help speedup the process.
If you could let me know ASAP, would be appreciated.
Many thanks!


@Cruis951 and @nikg - Sorry for the inconvenience here.

Can you please reapply with the following form, making sure to select I would like to apply for elevated POST limits:


Thank you so much @LeBraat for your help, I really appreciate it.