No Response - Need Write Access Restored



I completed the platform support form yesterday morning. I haven’t received a response. Is there anyway to escalate the support ticket? We have an important launch on February 10th. We can’t tweet out our content, and neither can we add our website address.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Is this related to an application that is write-restricted, or to your previous post about unsafe links? In the case of the latter, you need to file a ticket via the spam forms and we cannot help you here.

If you have an application issue, then the platform support form is are the correct place. Make sure to reply to any automated response that directs you to do so in order to ensure that your ticket is processed. Emails will be sent to the address associated with the account that owns the application.


Hi, Andy!

I was in the wrong forum. This is the correct one. It’s an application (API) read/write issue. I haven’t received any automated responses. I checked my email address SPAM folder, too.


I checked, again. I only received this email: @OcchiMagazine, we’ll help you build a better business.


Can you provide the app ID (the numeric part of the URL when you visit, not the consumer key or token)?

If you’ve been able to open a ticket via the platform support form then you should have had a response, so this is a bit surprising - the team is very busy but would usually be able to get to your ticket before long. (note that I am unable to help with your specific app but I can double-check a couple of things here)


App ID: 13269073


I was wondering why I haven’t received anything. The form processed. I didn’t receive an error.


What leads you to believe that your app is restricted? Do you see a message on, or do you receive an error response from the API (I’d expect that would be error code 261)?


I can’t send a tweet from the website. I can’t added the website to my user profile.


If I try to share content, say an interview or movie review through my share, it reads: Your message could not be sent.


Also, when I click on OAUTH I receive: Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!


This sounds like your URL is marked as malware, as you originally reported. I’ve confirmed this by attempting to Tweet a link from my test account, and getting error code 226 back from the API. You will need to wait for the team to review your URL (assuming you already reported it via the spam form). This is not a developer platform issue.

Do you have an app that is sending Tweets via the API? If you want to share content from a website you can simply use a Tweet button, and do not need to register an app. However since the URL is marked as suspicious, the Tweet button will not help until this is cleared.

The Test OAuth button resulting in that error is due to our recent redesign of the developer site and removal of the tool; this is not relevant.


I had custom tweets, which I removed. That may have triggered the malware. But they haven’t responded. It’s been days. My deadline is the 10th. I ran several Google site checks to verify I don’t have malware:

So, I’m really at a loss.