No reply on application - Premium & Enterprise access




We were having issue with our developer account [ Your Application ID is not authorized ]. We have already applied for enterprise account from the link provided and we have not received any reply on that.
It has been a month of waiting with no reply(confirmation, delay or approval) from twitter’s end and our client is getting agitated.

Please reply back to us on how long it will take. Also we would like to know the details of premium account if we can apply for that, its benefits and prices. Waiting for your reply.

*Urgent* No reply or assistance from this forum

Hi @itcandev

Could you please tell me the first and last name that was used in your Enterprise application?

Also, if you’d like to apply for Premium access, you could do that here:



Hi @KvdohertyQU

Thank you for replying.

The account email is and the first name is ‘Ameer’, and the last name is ‘Hamza’.

Also the above link provided for premium access application, leads to my dahsboard.