"No Public Messages" Error always displays even when they are public


I am still having this problem along with a few others that I have read. Even when the twitter account is set to display all messages and none are made private my website always comes back with the “No Public Messages” error. Since it seams that the folks at twitter do not respond to these messages can anyone help me track down this problem? Or anyone with this problem already please tell me what you have already done to try and fix this issue so I don’t waste more of my time. Thank you everybody.


Where do you see this message? What specific widget are you using and in what environment? Is this within a CMS? Do you have full control over the widget or HTML or are you using some kind of built-in feature. Can you share the exact HTML/Javascript you’re using to implement the widget?


I see this message on an implementation of Wordpress 3.2.1 on the following site: http://www.showchoircanada.com. The specific plugin I am using is called “Twitter for Wordpress” Version 1.9.7 by Ricardo González. Although this is irrelevant because (for shits and giggles) I have also tried 2 other plugins and both of them had the same issue. I could share with you the PHP code that Ricardo uses but it is 277 lines of PHP code, if you still want to see it I will include it in my next response. But as I said earlier other plugins also failed int he same way. As a side note I am using this exact same plugin on the exact same Wordpress version on other sites and it does work. (so far this has been my only clue)


This is still a problem, anyone???


It all for the changes in Version 1.1 of the Twitter API. The new updated will require every request to the API to be authenticated.




please tall me what is the problem


anyone here can help me