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Whenever sharing content from the website the hyperlink is showing but no preview/picture which looks very unprofessional. This a recent problem that is not solved by sharing from the website/shortening the hyperlink before it goes in. Any help would be greatly appreciated


You refer to this being a recent problem, so was this working for you previously? Are you using Twitter Cards in your site? If there’s no image showing, then our pinned troubleshooting post may help you.


Yes previously it was working but recently this has become a problem on the multiple accounts that are being managed. The Twitter accounts are not linked to Twitter Cards on external websites. This is purely an issue that is occurring on the twitter feeds themselves. I have looked at the troubleshooting and not found anything to rectify the issue…


The primary requirement for troubleshooting here is a link that is “not working” in the way you expect when shared on Twitter, and Tweets that exhibit the issue.


Here are a few examples:


I just put one of your links ( into the Cards Validator and received an error that there is no card description field. Checked the page source, and there is no twitter:description value in the page for your summary card.

You’ll have to investigate further yourself, as cards depend on you having the correct markup in your pages, and we cannot add that for you - that’s why I directed you to the troubleshooting steps in my earlier reply.

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