No pictures in embedded tweets [Solved]


Similar to Rendering of Embedded Tweets

Some embedded tweets render fine but some look like that the attached picture

What’s the issue ?


I believe those are tweets that have been deleted and the base HTML version is being shown without the Twitter embedded experience boostrapping the rich experience


It’s the tweet below

This happens for quite a few other tweets as well


@abraham are there are any known rendering issues when used with AngularJS ? It works most of time but the above issue’s seen when embedded tweet’s (’<blockquote…’) appended to angular.element(’…’).innerHTML
Thoughts ?


I would guess that’s it’s caused by async loading order issues. E.g. you have an embedded tweet that’s rendered to the DOM, Twitter loading identifies the tag and upgrades it to the interactive version. Another tweet get’s rendered to the DOM and because it’s an SPA the page doesn’t reload the Twitter JS and it’s hooks don’t run. Check out the JS API for initializing embedded content. You’ll probably need to explicitly call that after each new tweet get’s rendered to the DOM.


Thanks @abraham
I made some changes as per JS API for initializing embedded content
The explicit call upgraded it to the interactive version
It works now!